Ahmed Fathi Mohamed ESR7

My project:

“Multiscale mathematical modelling of the fate of TMs after digestate land applications”


I’m Ahmed Fathi from Egypt. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at Alexandria University, Egypt. After graduation, I started teaching mathematics at the faculty of Science. This chance deepened my understanding of undergraduate mathematical courses and I felt that enhancing my mathematical knowledge had become an urgent need. That’s why I enrolled in the Erasmus joint master’s program in Mathematical modeling for Engineering (MathMods) and Earned my degree in 2019 in both Engineering Mathematics and Technical Physics from the University of L’Aquila – Italy and Gdansk University of Technology – Poland, respectively.

I deduct the next ten years of my life in academia and research. I believe the support, strong network with elite researchers and companies and the durable practice that M2ex provides me, they all shall accelerate my steps and shorten my path towards my dreams. Wastewater treatment has become the last resort for the water shortage in Egypt, and improving this technology will soon become a necessity for many other regions in the world and I hope I can be of help at least to my people. I love traveling, sociology, and exploring different cultures.

Main Host Institution:

UNINA (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Second Host Institution:

CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC)


COGEI in Italy and IDENER in Spain