Alexandra Georganti ESR5

My project:

“Characterization of the role of microbial constituents and by-products from (bio)reactors on metals speciation”


I am Alexandra Georganti Ntaliape, from Greece. I am an Environmental Engineer with an MSc in Environmental Management and a specialization in Energy & Pollution. I recently graduated with my second BSc in Geography focused in human–environment geography. So far I have worked as a lab assistant in a series of laboratory microbial analyses aimed at the safe transformation of food waste from the hospitality industry into animal feed, as an environmental consultant in monitoring air quality on construction sites and highways and as a project coordinator in hazardous waste management projects funded by UN organizations and the World Bank. During my traineeship at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, I was given a further reflection on how important research and innovation are in tackling the great challenges of environmental pollution. This specific PhD really motivated me through its highly combinatorial nature and the innovative processes in exploiting metal-microbe applications to expand the circular economy. I enjoy traveling, trekking and camping in nature. I love yoga and visiting art museums. For the last 5 years, I have been volunteering for the protection of wildlife in Greece.

Main Host Institution:

UNILIM (University of Limoges, France)

Second Host Institution:

UNINA (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)


COGEI in Italy