Sharing our Science

Link to the repository Digital.CSIC (additional information as datasets can be found):


  • Interrelating EPS, soluble microbial products and metal solubility in a methanogenic consortium stressed by nickel and cobalt

Parvin Hasani Zadeh, Antonio Serrano, Gavin Collins, Fernando G. Fermoso


  • Trace metal fate in soil after application of digestate originating from the anaerobic digestion of non-source-separated organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Veronica Baldasso, Neus Bonet-Garcia, Stéphanie Sayen, Emmanuel Guillon, Luigi Frunzo, Carlos A. R. Gomes, Maria João Alves, Ricardo Castro, Ana Paula Mucha, Marisa R. Almeida


  • Impacts of metal stress on extracellular microbial products, and potential for selective metal recovery

Parvin Hasani Zadeh, Fernando G. Fermoso, Gavin Collins, Antonio Serrano, Simon Mills, Florence Abram 


  • Dynamic modelling the effects of ionic strength and ion complexation on trace metal speciation during anaerobic digestion

Susan George, Maria Rosaria Mattei, Luigi Frunzo, Giovanni Esposito, Eric D. van Hullebusch, Fernando G. Fermoso