Parvin Hasani (ESR9)

The power in diversity

During my PhD, I discovered the significance of diversity in research. Similar to how diversity plays a crucial role in the survival and evolution of microbial species, it also plays a vital role in the advancement of science. Diversity in backgrounds, ways of thinking, and personalities brings unique perspectives and ideas together, leading to breakthroughs that would not have been possible otherwise. In particular, I believe biotechnology, being a highly interdisciplinary field, greatly benefits from diversity among experts from different fields working towards a common goal.

As an early-stage researcher with a background in microbial biotechnology, I have always been eager to expand my knowledge in other fields. Through the M2ex project, I have had the opportunity to work with esteemed researchers from various institutions and countries, gaining a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. This has been an amazing opportunity for me and has allowed me to approach my research questions with a more holistic and creative perspective, ultimately making meaningful contributions to my field.

However, being part of an ITN project also comes with its own set of challenges such as frequent relocations and loads of paperwork you may require for each new place. So, it requires extra effort to maintain focus and stay on track with the research at times. Despite these challenges, I have also been able to develop my independence and take on greater responsibilities as I transition from a student to a professional in my field. Overall, I would recommend ITN projects for early-stage researchers who are passionate about their research as it provides an excellent opportunity to develop teamwork skills and become an interdisciplinary scientist.

Parvin Hasani

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