Raffaello Mattiusi ESR6

My project:

“Effect of TE on microbial community structure and activity in anaerobic sludge granules”


I am Raffaello, half French half Italian but have always been living in France. I carried out my pre university studies in an international school which really gave me a taste for intercultural exchanges. I then did a Life Sciences bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, with a specialisation in environmental microbiology at the Science and Technology Faculty of Sorbonne Université (ex Université Pierre et Marie Curie) in Paris.
I will perform my PhD in Galway and Limoges on the impact of trace metals on the microbial communities in the anaerobic digestion process (with a focus on anaerobic granules). For me a PhD is an extraordinary opportunity and demanding adventure that permits to develop a set of skill as much as the personality of a young researcher. My goal is to apply all the knowledge I will have gained from it in the field of bioremediation.  

My hobbies imply exploring nature (trekking, scuba diving….) and team sports. I am passionate about music, and I play the alto saxophone. I really enjoy meeting new people and always find that doing all of the upper mentioned activities in good company makes them way better.  

Main Host Institution:

NUIG (National University of Galway, Ireland)

Second Host Institution:

UNILIM (University of Limoges, France)

UNILIM (University of Limoges, France)


COGEI in Italy and ODESSOL in France