Veronica Baldasso ESR13

My project:

“Trace metals fate and speciation in soils after contamination – interactions with organic micropollutants and effects on bioremediation processes”


I am Veronica, from Italy and I have traveled and lived in different countries during my childhood, including the USA and Canada. I got my International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in Texas (USA) and then started my academic career in Politecnico of Milano from which I obtained a BSc and a MSc in Environmental Engineering with focus on remediation technologies. During my Master’s thesis I discovered a passion for research and understood the importance of contributing to deepen the knowledge of the scientific community. I decided to continue my academic career with a PhD in the framework of the M2ex MSCA ITN project focusing on the study of the fate and speciation of trace metals in soil after contamination. I have always had at heart the environment and I believe that society is the one who holds the power to find solutions to the problems it faces, enabling a healthy lifestyle respecting the surrounding environment. For this reason, I want to contribute with research that aims at remediating contaminated sites while aiding a more sustainable economy. I am very friendly, caring and extroverted person who loves to travel, explore and discover new things. I enjoy good company and good food. I am into yoga and swimming, and also like to hike and snowboard.

Main Host Institution:

UP (University of Porto, Portugal)

Second Host Institution:

UNINA (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)


TRATOLIXO in Portugal, URCA in France and C&F in Italy