Ailen Maria Florencia Soto ESR12

My project:

“Fate of metals in anaerobic digestates. Opportunities for recovery and reuse”


I am Ailen, an Environmental Engineer from Argentina, graduated from an Erasmus Mundus International Environmental Engineering and Technology. I am passionate about science and sports and I truly believe that cross disciplinary and multicultural collaboration can help to achieve objectives with a higher impact in every field. I am grateful to join the M2-ex project as a Marie Curie ITN PhD fellow and I am excited to contribute to move towards a circular economy by investigating how to recover heavy metals from anaerobic digestates. I enjoy travelling, dancing and meeting new people around the world.   

Main Host Institution:

CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain)

Second Host Institution:

UP (University of Porto, Portugal)


IPGP in France and TRATOLIXO in Portugal