Pau Porras ESR14

My project:

“Constructed wetlands for removal of metals from contaminated effluents –studying the role of plants, microorganisms and substrate”


I am Pau Porras Socias, from Spain. I studied a master’s degree in Applied Microbiology with an emphasis on environmental microbiology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, after having completed a BSc in Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona. I have experience as a lab assistant in a research project aiming to evaluate the effect of the application of biocontrol agents on microbial communities of the soil and as a science communicator. My strong interest in grey biotechnology has grown during my traineeship in university and from my special concern about environmental issues. I am highly motivated to learn and to contribute to metal and other pollutants recovery through constructed wetlands by joining the M2ex program. I believe that the whole project will have a notorious impact in our society by offering innovative technologies to reuse and reduce waste expanding circular bioeconomy. In my free time, I love playing drums, cooking and playing board games. I really enjoy climbing, trekking and dancing.

Main Host Institution:

UP (University of Porto, Portugal)

Second Host Institution:

NUIG (National University of Galway, Ireland)


IRTA in Spain and Smart Waste in Portugal